Cercle de flute native americaine de l aube fav

Cercle de Flûte Native Américaine de l'Aube

Native American Flute in Troyes and Aube, France

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What is it about?

A flute circle aims to bring together people from different backgrounds driven by the common desire to share their passion for the Native American Flute.

This flute, intuitive and therefore accessible to everyone, leads to relaxation, letting go, and is used for Meditation, Yoga, Shamanism, to help with healing, or even spiritual development. It allows the soul to express itself, offers anchoring and appeasement while touching the hearts of those who listen to it. Perhaps, around a forest, a park, or a lake, you will hear my melodies!

The Native American Flute Circle of Aube was the first of its kind created in the department. Very numerous in the United States, these circles enjoy great support.

I imported this concept to Troyes and Aube to, in turn, convey, around this instrument and the culture of North American natives, values of sharing, fraternity, and musical, cultural, and spiritual mutual aid.

As the circle must remain on a human scale, the number of participants is limited.

I also offer you a private introduction to this wonderful instrument. To this end, yogic, respiratory, and meditative practices will create a favorable environment.

Specificity of the Native American Flute

A Siyotanka flute, also known as a Native American Flute or Plains Native American Flute, is a traditional musical instrument native to the indigenous peoples of North America, including Plains Native American tribes. The term "Siyotanka" comes from the Lakota language, which is spoken by some Plains tribes. It's an intuitive instrument, which means that it does not require any notion of music theory or musical knowledge.

The Siyotanka flute is made from a hollow piece of wood, usually cedar or another species. It can measure approximately 60 cm to 80 cm in length and has two air chambers with an insufflation channel on the top and holes along the top. The flute is carved and decorated with traditional designs that reflect the culture and beliefs of indigenous people.

This instrument is often played to express emotions, tell stories, or accompany rituals and ceremonies. The sound of the Siyotanka flute is soft and melodious. The melodies that emanate from it are often linked to nature and the environment, as they demonstrate the spiritual connection of indigenous peoples with the world around them.

It's a sacred instrument. Beyond the ceremonial aspect, it comes from what nature has given us, the wood coming from a tree that was alive. As such, it deserves the greatest respect.

Flute nature

Over time, the Siyotanka flute has transcended cultural boundaries and become popular in other musical contexts, both for its sonic beauty and for its historical and cultural significance.

It's important to note that Siyotanka flutes may vary slightly in design and function depending on the tribes and artisans who make them, as they often represent specific cultural traditions of each indigenous community.


Play and enchant nature...

Naf2 siyotanka

Touch the hearts of others, beyond words...


Express gratitude...

Naf4 apaisement

Calm down and let the soul express itself...

Vision of the Circle

Each participant, beginner or experienced, contributes to the progress and development of others by bringing their energy, assistance, knowledge, and personal touch. Everyone becomes an essential part of a common voice, a unified note!

Good humor, simplicity, and sharing are present!

As a yoga teacher, I'm passionate about this sacred instrument that is the Native American Flute. It has also led me to become interested in the rich history of the North American natives. Every day brings a greater discovery of this wonderful culture, which resonates with my own sensitivity and my deep aspirations.

Flute and Yoga form a virtuous loop. The flute allows the soul to express itself by touching the hearts of those who receive the melody. For the player, this is very liberating and offers great joy. But this requires a minimum of control and a particular state of relaxation.

For these purposes, my experience in Yoga offers a major asset, namely breath control, relaxation, and meditation techniques to overcome the mind and intellect (let's not forget that the native flute is intuitive).

I'm very happy to help beginners express themselves through this wonderful instrument!

Members of the World Flute Society

Wfsflute circle

Celebrating the musical and cultural expressions of the world's indigenous and folk flute traditions.

(1-hour personalized session, in French only)

€ 50

Let your soul express itself with joy and relaxation by touching the hearts of others!


Note :
- you must bring your personal flute
- this session can take place indoors or outdoors (at your home or in nature)

- the sessions must be paid in advance (necessary to set a date and due to the work done upfront) : more info here. Possible additional costs may be applied for certain travels far from the Troyes area (contact me for more information).

Native American Flute practice
(Cercle de Flûte Native Américaine de l'Aube)


Would you like to join the circle to practice the Native American Flute? You're welcome!


Note :
- it is recommended to have a minimum level of French
- individual initiation sessions are not available within the Circle ; the Circle hosts collective practice sessions and encourages mutual contribution of knowledge

For further information...

An example of a magnificent artist: Kelvin Mockingbird

Sensitive to the deep and wonderful culture of Native American peoples, I invite you, with his kind permission, to discover Kelvin Mockingbird (Kelvin Bizahaloni). This renowned artist, a Native American Flute player, performed at the 1996 presidential inaugural ball for President Bill Clinton. He was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Native American Album, "Spirits in the Wind." He comes from the Dineh (Navajo) nation. This people, well known among the American Indians, is found in the southwest of the USA.

Kelvin transmits to us a great sensitivity and offers us, through his music, a deep connection to nature and the universe. Very inspiring, I invite you to discover him. Let yourself be transported by his music!

"Alone we are a single note lingering in the Universe, but united we are a song echoing throughout the Cosmos."

Kelvin Mockingbird

Below is a 3-hour video offering images of nature and Native American flute music for relaxation, meditation, and deep connection to the Earth:

"Peacebuilders experience immense joy every day of their lives. The rising sun is more beautiful, the music more touching, the wild berries sweeter. Peacebuilders walk into a room and others sigh with contentment because their joy of living and inner contentment are contagious."

Native American Wisdom